Sunday, November 5, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey - Not So Obscure Video Game Review

Well, folks, another day, another main market Video Game launch, right?

Today we're having a look at Super Mario Odyssey, what Nintendo is pushing as the main title of their Flagship franchise in the newest generation console, the Nintendo Switch. Now, this is my first Nintendo review in a bit, since we missed the entire WiiU generation. Furthermore, neither my wife or I actually play Zelda games, despite being fans of the franchise's merchandise, so Breath of the Wild sort of rolled by right underneath the radar.

But Mario Odyssey? Even I have to notice that!


  • Graphics - I know this is something people don't typically praise Mario games for, because, well, they can be most charitably be described as 'Cartoony.' On the other hand, the objects are pretty, have few quirks, the game has amazing vistas with interactable object visible for the whole length of each stage. It's really just a nice looking game.
  • Physics - Again, something you maybe don't hear about a game with super jumps and mushrooms. Still, objects have weight, and react in predictable and satisfying ways. This is something that a game which attempts a scope that Mario Odyssey does is hard pressed to claim.
  • Freedom - Ever want to play a level as a Goomba? You can in Odyssey. How about navigate an underwater level as a Cheep Cheep? Can Do. Want to fly around like a squid spraying high pressure water jets out of its mouth? Heck, why not fight a boss that way? Play as a T-Rex? Play as a T-Rex! There are things in Odyssey that gamers have wanted to do for a long time, you just have to lasso your hat on them.
  • Same Old - Bowser has kidnapped Peach and Mario must swoop to the rescue. Yeah. I feel like I've seen this plot before. What game had a plot like this? I swear, it's on the tip of my tongue.
  • Same Old - Let's face it...they changed the branding, but this is Super Mario Galaxy 3. They removed a few of the infuriating features about Galaxy, but instead of zooming your ship around the cosmos to snag power stars, you are now zooming your ship around the world to snag power moons. Seriously.
  • Same Old - While the possession seems like a new gimmick, it's just the power ups with a new coat of paint. Instead of swapping back and forth between the two power ups in your top box, you snag enemies and use their abilities. This admittedly is rather cool, and in some scenes hilarious, but the difference between possessed snowman Mario and Penguin Mario is, well, how it looks.
Did you enjoy the ironic repetition in the Cons? Well, I hope you did, because I found them vaguely irritating. Nevertheless, Mario Odyssey is a fun title. Some minor control gripes aside, it really accomplishes a lot of what Mario players want a modern Mario game to do.

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Kim Dubuisson said...

We got this one too, cool game.