Monday, February 5, 2018

Halo Mega Bloks - 96923 UNSC Rockethog Vs. Anti Aircraft Gun

Okay, so this is an older set, but it was a really cool one when it came out. Back then my wife was super into LEGo and MegaBloks, I got her this set for a birthday. Then it never got opened, then we went through that pahse of "It's worth a bunch we should probably sell it." Then we hit the "It's not worth a bunch anymore we should probably just keep it."

Then my son saw it and decided he wanted it. So he got it for an early birthday present.

And then he decided he couldn't even progress to the sort parts stage without help every step of the way.

So good news, I got to help him build this over the past three days.

It is an impressive set. Even more considering the time frame and price point. It was a relatively good deal back at release, with much more brick for your buck than you would have got in a comparably priced LEGO brand set.

Though it did come with a banana squad yellow Reach trooper. That irks me because in the blind bag wave at around the same time, these guys were long packed, so I already have something like 8 of them.

But be that as it may, it's a great set.


pulpcitizen said...

Cool kits. :)

electricwave said...

really nice,i think that coud work well in others sci fi universes too ! ew