Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pre Order Critique - King's Champion

Well, lots of you who are still reading this know I am on a bit of a Knight kick, and my interest in this here game is no different. I found this on Miniature Market some weeks ago, so it might even be already released, but I don't want to bother finding out and changing the title.

In King's Champion, you have a stable of knights, each with different abilities, that you must guide through a dice driven tournament system. They are tracked in a campaign like system and have promotion benefits, so in addition to the battles themselves clever management of your assets between battles is imperative.

The game itself looks delightfully Franciscan, with the cards and game materials looking like illuminated script on parchment. It seems like a sweet deal. I'm going to be having a closer look at this one in the coming months, as it aligns so closely with what I wanted out of the Flailsnail jousting rules.

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