Monday, March 5, 2018

Poll Results - Upcoming Content - Milestones!

So, the Survive poll results are in, and across all the places that people voted, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of a female character. This happens a lot, honestly.So, we have determined one thing, time for the next poll!

Once this is decided, I'm going to start my Survive series, which I have not entirely nailed down the details of. I was thinking of doing it like a mix of the old "Bjorn Rises" and "Lego Terraria" series, by which I mean I play D20 miniature games with LEGO figures, but the Captain's gear will be determined by what I have achieved in the game. Since so much of the game is played with simple or scavenged weaponry, this should pose little problem.

So paragraph one was poll results, two was upcoming content, so you probably assume this paragraph is to tell you about what milestones I have obtained. You assume correctly! This is my 2500th post on All Things Fett! As always, this comes with the caveat that such measures are somewhat meaningless, as I posted on as many as 13-14 other platforms over the life of this blog, so I actually crossed this milestone ages ago, if those are to be counted. Still, All Things Fett is my longest running outlet, as well as my favorite audience. So to all of you reading this, thank you!

I have another milestone coming up in a little under a week, so stay tuned for that announcement. And vote in the poll already, will ya?

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electricwave said...

happy postversary!! :) ew