Sunday, March 25, 2018

Still Sick, But Coming Back To Life

Well, ladies and gentleman, inanimate objects of indeterminate gender. I'm still not feeling tippy-top. Sorry for the unintended gap in regularly scheduled posting. See, the Dr had me go back to work, then my symptoms worsened and varied, then they had me out again, then I had a bunch of tests, then I got more medications, then they had me go back to work again...

Really, it was a rough week.

But anyway, I seem to be coming out ahead of this thing at long last. As many of you know, I was intending to have the forces of REDI combat the army of gingerbread men as the earlier poll decided. Also, the Metal Gear Survive adventures are about ready to be kicked off, as the Captain's name has been decided (Crunch, for those of you who missed it. I blame, and love, you guys!). Expect to see more material on this front shortly.

I should, in all honesty, have been able to churn some of this stuff out already, but in the case of REDI, it takes a bit of setup, and with how sick I was, just wasn't feeling it. I also have to decide what kind of terrain I want this battle to take place in. I would love to make a snowy, North Pole type of setup, but I'm not sure how to pull that off.

In the case of Captain Crunch, I need to actually make a figure of her, as well as decide how I want to make enemies for her to combat. I was thinking of seriously just using random minifigure bodies and putting a transparent red block on the neck instead of a head. Voila, instant wanderers.

Let me know what you think.

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