Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Green Hippo Rangers - The Chaos Campaign I

Hey all. Just working to outline the history of the 'mercenary' unit I am going to be creating for the Hot Spots Chaos campaign I plan to run in the near future. I put mercenary in quotes there because while the Green Hippos are technically a Merc outfit, I feel like the story I am shaping for them makes them a sort of quasi-planetary-militia type force on long term contract to a non-aligned local government, or something like that. I forget how the chaos campaign actually starts, so bear with me as I smooth out the bumps.

In any event...

The Green Hippo Rangers

The Green Hippo Rangers are a peculiar sort of amalgamation of irregular local insurgents and ComStar peacekeeping forces. The story of how they came about is long and tumultuous, but can be summed up briefly (and potentially non-profanely) as 'Stuff' Happens. 

In early 3067, in the local cluster surrounding Terra, there was an inhabited moon of no real political or military significance named Llamrei II. Until, of course, a Blakist instigated uprising against the local governance instigated a cry of help to ComStar. ComStar, always eager to have a near eye view to their wayward brothers on Terra, dispatched a 'peacekeeping' force of unusually competent special forces and power armored infantry to intervene. When the late unpleasantness began issuing from Terra, the local rebels, loyalists, and ComStar forces were caught unprepared, abandoned, and forgotten by all interested parties, and left to see to their own defenses, as it were.

In all fairness, there was little ComStar or the great houses could do to retrieve the ComStar unit in the early chaos, but when you are knee deep in Blakist cyborgs and atrocities, fairness is probably the last thing on your mind. So, the unusually competent peacekeepers came to an unusual solution. They struck a deal with the local government and the rebels, and as one, defeated the Blakist forces attacking Llamrei II.

Such a reprieve could only be temporary, and the coalition force knew it. So they painted new logos on their equipment, a green hippo. This is claimed to be a highly obscure reference regarding the name of the moon itself, though no one can confirm it as such. Posing as a mercenary command, they struck a deal with a passing civilian Jumpship fleeing rimward from the horror of Terra, and headed outsystem.

Since the escape, the Green Hippo Rangers have struck a series of minor defense contracts with non-aligned governments in the Chaos March, typically clashing with Blakist support units or the militaries of Puppet Regimes. While not professing any loyalty to ComStar or any of their previous allegiances, none of the Rangers forgets what exactly put them in this position, and who the real enemy is.


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