Saturday, April 21, 2018

Green Hippos And How To Model Them - Chaos Campaign III

So, I was planning to work on my Chaos Unbound campaign this weekend, when I ran into the inevitable dead end. How the heck to I want to represent these guys?

Now, I haven't even decided what game system I want to run the scenarios in, which makes model selection seem even more iffy. Though it could be argued that what figures / models I use could heavily influence what type of game I pick. Simply put, LEGO figures rule out mass battles, but 6mm is just right for mass battles. Bigger figures will be more skirmish/character based, smaller will be more wargame/strategy based, I reckon.

So here's what I've come up with so far for options:

  • LEGO figures. I have a lot of them. I have all kinds of decals, figures, accessories, and weapons. I have terrain. I figure I can make a pretty kick butt team of mercs. Also, weapons switches are easy for customizing the team on the fly.
  • CORPS Elite Army Men. These are the Walmart exclusive bucket-o-figs I picked up a while back. More standardized figures, but easy to lump into squads, platoons, etc. 
  • Star Wars Command Army Men. I got a bunch of these too. These, while pretty obviously being SW and not BT, still are the right type of sci-fi for what I want. Stormies for light power armor, rebels for militia, pilots as engineers, droids, Imperial army. 
  • Battlefield Risk playing pieces. I posted these a while back too. I think these fellows are around 6mm scale as I recall. Limited poses, but a variety of colors. Should make abstract platoons easier, and forces easier to distinguish. Downsides is that the figures themselves are more fiddly than I'm used to, and also I have no terrain to speak of in the scale.
Now, keep in mind, I most likely have things that can count as armored fighting vehicles, objectives, and heck, even battlemechs at any of these scales, so don't worry on that front. I want this to be a fun sort-of community project, so just give me some thoughts about what type of minis/game you would like to see from this. If there's some option you can think of that I've missed, let me know in the comments. I will probably put up a poll or some such tomorrow with whatever we come up with.

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electricwave said...

lego minifigs (and megabloks) seem to work well,specially in robots and droids building. I have many star wars command army men but no rules for them... ew