Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tricks of the Trade - The Chaos Campaign II

The newly formed Green Hippo Rangers, an organization of mismatched freedom fighters and desperadoes disguised as a mercenary command, ran into early problems with their independent resistance against the Word Of Blake. How does a loose confederation of militias, rebels, and special forces operators fight against an enemy with cyborgs, ships, battlemechs and other force multipliers?

Unfairly, of course.

The ComStar special forces immediately recognized they could not train the other constituent elements of the Rangers to their own standards, so they instead focused on shaping a strategy around what said elements were capable of. As mentioned previously, these ComStar peacekeepers were unusually competent. Plus, with the resources available to a special forces unit as well as a (admittedly small) planetary government and its opposition, some...underhanded cross-discipline tactics became available.

For instance, the ComStar unit had electromagnetic stealth cloaks, which effectively hid squads of power armor from detection by all but the most sophisticated of mech sensors. The rebels were adept at trap building, and the Llamrei II militia had an engineer team. A cloak that could hide power armor could just as effectively hide a pitfall trap or demolition charge. And a pitfall trap of sufficient size can hamstring a battlemech just as well as it will a human. Likewise, a demo charge that can fell a bridge will prove more than adequate to disable most combat vehicles.

In a short time, this particular stretch of the Chaos March became an 'unlucky' posting for members of the Word Of Blake Armed Forces. And while their early, painless, successes netted the Rangers a good haul of salvageable equipment, as well as much needed funds from the sale of said equipment, it also marked them as a target of interest to more...sinister elements of the opposition.

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