Monday, May 28, 2018

A Galaxy Far, Far Away - Big Box Reveal 3!

Well, howdy there folks! This has been a bit of an adventure, but I am glad we're on the home stretch, because it has also been quite a bit of a chore!

Today's installment is, as you might have guessed, entirely Star Wars. These are the 'Unleashed Battle Packs' that came out shortly after Revenge of the Sith, up to shortly after the Force Unleashed games. I rather wish the line had stayed alive, as even though I'm not crazy about the new trilogy, it would have been a great way to get more pre-painted sci-fi 1/32 scale figures. Enough of, that, now on with the show!

I'm not going to sort these by what set they came in, because I don't recall, rightly, and also, someone, somewhere has already done that work. Mostly, I grouped these for pictures based on what they were. I'll sort of explain that as we go. And, sorry for repeating, but this post's pictures more than the others beg it; remember to click for better detail, since the cropping of these photos makes the individual figures pretty tiny. The resolution is there for obnoxious detail if you desire it!

They never made a lot of terrain for this series, but what they made, I got. I never regretted it, since the Hoth sets were, frankly, amazing!

Bounty Hunters! I don't think Greedo was a part of this set, but my son insisted he blonged here based on the fact he tried to cash in on Solo's bounty in A New Hope. I love these figures, because I like IG-88 and Bossk, but you all know I love me some Boba Fett, right? I always found it a little odd that Jango never made the cut for this series.

Utapauan Warriors. I thought I bought more of these. I think I planned to but they were surprisingly hard to find when I went back to? Or maybe they were short packed, who knows. Not sure why these guys merited their own shot, it was early in the process, or else they would likely have been jammed into the 'Zany Aliens' group shot. I did like these guys, and that they got their own set, since you barely see any Utapauans in Episode VI.

Wookies! Severeal of these are Chewie, but that's splitting hairs. I loved the wookie scenes in EP VI, and I always thought it was awesome that they have berserkers, shields, blasters, and blades. Such a neat concept.

Grievous, Doridekas, and Dwarf Spiders. These were neat, and tough enemies to include in the series. I wish they had made Tank Droids or Crab Droids in this scale though. Sigh. These chaps seem to have taken a rather bad go of the storage, with Grievous' sabers, and the dwarf spiders' legs and cannons being mostly warped.

Battle Droids! I bought multiples of these sets, since I felt that the droids were somewhat under represented in the line, particularly the super battle droids, which had such a prominent antagonistic role in the movies and Clone Wars series.

Zany Aliens. See, I told you it was coming. From left, the Wampa, Quarren Seperatist, Tuskens, Jawas, the Garindan spy from EpIV, and a Mon Calamari lancer.

Storm Troopers! Aside from the Mandalorians, Stormies are some of my favorite characters. These are from a couple different sets, like the Tantive set, the 501st, the Tatooine Sandtroopers, as well as the specialist Stormtroopers from The Force Unleashed.

Miscellaneous Imperials. Crimson Guards, Officers, Pilots, Drivers, Shadow Guards, Gunners, Navy Troopers, General Veers, Juno Eclipse, and Moff Tarkin. I always get a giggle when I think that one of the most action oriented poses in this group is Moff Tarkin. He's running while firing a blaster behind himself. Like, when did this happen? He never moved at anything but a stately walk, and I can't recall if he was even in a scene with a blaster, much less ran with one.

Snowtroopers. Yeah, I bought multiples of any set that came with snowtroopers. Just look at them and behold their glory! These were the best figures of the line, in my opinion. They just did so many things right.

Sith! I know, Galen Marek, Maris Brood, and Asajj Ventress were never Sith, but I sorted these with my son, and basically, they all have red lightsabers, which was enough for him.

Jedi! I actually was never that fond of the Jedi. If you'll pardon the expression, they always just struck me as sort of Mary Sue good guy protagonists. They have lightsabers and special mind powers and they're just such good guys. Star Wars is such a black and white series. This is why so many people like the Bounty Hunters. They are grey. Star Wars needs grey precisely because of the Jedi. Sadly, like the big droids, the Jedi sort of took the worst of the storage, with very few intact lightsabers extant. Though, honestly, many of them came out of the package like that, as I recall.

Rebels! I did end up with a lot of Rebels. Technically the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the number was something like a side effect from buying so many sets that had stormtroopers and snowtroopers. You can probably tell, based on how many Hoth rebels there are.

I had to come back and edit this post to add this photo, because I somehow deleted or forgot to photograph my Clone Troopers, which is the biggest single group. Just pretend this is a better picture, okay? They made Shock Troopers, Utapau Troopers, Kashyyk Troopers, 501st, Scuba Troopers, Mace Windu's purple guys, Geonosis troopers, Arc Troopers (my favorite!). Basically, if there was a clone in the movie, they were in this line. I just wish they had got around to make Republic Commandos. That would have been amazing.

Anyhow, that's part 3 for you folks! Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed the ride! Get set for part 4, which will be tomorrow or the next day, depending on if I recover my motivation from this massive task!


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Thanks for the kind words as always, electricwave!