Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amiibo customs- Lucas

I have some new amiibos in the works. I have a charizard turned malificent dragon, and a lucas smash into SF giants baseball player (madbum).

Lucas is easy fix with a simple paint job and a few smaller items like ball and mitt outta air dry clay. It looks great so far. Took time to paint but it's easier than sculpting it myself.

So here's the paint job, no additional trouble with swapping bases or nfc chips.

 I did "MADBUM" with his brown hair and the black uniform. He's a popular pitcher from the SF Giants baseball team. GO GIANTS!

I sculpted the glove at a natural downward angle and curve like the real glove and a ball. I then painted the baseball white.

 then the glove was base coated a soft brown

 then I dry brushed technique a darker brown color to give the illusion of texture on the glove. Much like that of leather.
 can you even tell the difference?

The ball got the red stripe before being glued into place.
 All glued into place and bam! done.

In terms of customs, this was much easier. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

As for the dragon...

Malificient got a base coat- thicc painted with fusion paint so the white is very solid on there and looks almost dipped. I then took a bit of spray paint and some nail polish remover to "frost" the plastic stand so the orange of charizard doesn't show through. A little technique I learned long ago.

But since it never cured right and I like pro results I am currently undoing the white coat to redo it better. There is no point in trying to cover a mistake, I'd rather at this point do well in going back one step and trying again. So for now it's sitting in SIMPLE GREEN soak and I'll brush it off later. I'm hoping to remove the tacky areas and the bubbled areas. Otherwise it's good.

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