Friday, May 18, 2018

Amiibo customs- Sable

Sable got sculpt changes, base changes, nfs changes, new display with clay sewing machine, and it will be painted and mounted onto wood base when finished so it can be used/ displayed in the "client's" twitch room. So this custom has been fairly intense in the steps needed to create her. But it's been some of my best work as well. I miss doing customs on a more regular basis.

So I had started out with making some incisions to re sculpt the face. I had stared with a base coat of white acyrlic. Then I cut and taped off for a true base coat.
 which happened to be khaki cause that's what we had on hand.
 Looks good. I cut off the base thinking of sculpting a special base but wasnt sure what kind yet. It's a thought in process.
 Then I painted her on stream at

I also scuplted and painted out a clay sewing machine during off stream time for a special bonus add on. She's never without her machine after all!

Then I scuplted a base for the amiibo as well as the display. I did it out of air dry clay. Here's what my thought was for that...

I undid the nfc from the card,

I was thinking display, but I didn't like how it looked after drying. It screamed that it wasn't quite right. So I went back to thinking, but it took half a sec before something better came to mind.
So I cut her off the base and threw those parts away.

Meanwhile I win the internet for most adorable Animal crossing picture ever! Sable in a teacup! You're welcome internet!

So I coated the bases green gloss, we had it on hand too and it worked with her card color and machine color. Thanks universe!
 I placed the nfc chip on and used a old card for the cover which I then glued down.

 Things got a glass modpodge cover on it as well. And I glued the card down. I super glued the machine down as well onto the display.

Then I super glued the sable onto her base. And supported her while she cures.

 The mabel into sable is now complete and I am so happy with it! It looks so good and pro. It's off to it's forever home!

 So now I can do even more customs. I still need to remake a sable and labelle for myself. But I will be doing a few more custom jobs. I really do enjoy doing this, and I look forward to doing even more!

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