Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Chaos Campaign 7 - Green Hippos and Golden Geese!

Good morning folks! Just here to show that even with all the exhaustion from plumbing the archaeological depths of my garage for army men has not stopped me from wargaming the Chaos Unbound campaign with my son. Also, I find myself racking my brain for every wargaming terrain idea I ever had that was cheap and easy.

In this installment, the Green Hippos find themselves double booked by the Davions, as well as our usual contact. The Davions want us to destroy a joint mercenary/planetary militia base, and our contact wants us to steal a data core from the selfsame base. Guilt free double billing for the WIN! Since this is expected to be a higher intensity conflict than the previous missions, the Hippos send in the big guns, the ex-ComStar special forces in Power Armor/Light (PA/L) suits.

Here we see elements of the militia, backed up by a mercenary Griffin. Yes, I know it looks like a Stinger, but it's a Griffin. Take my word for it. Also, I tried to convince my son he set up his sandbag bunker facing the wrong way, I swear, but he was having none of my tricksy shenanigans, and would not take my word for it.  You can see the data core in question by the Griffin's left hand.

Also, having anticipated the mercenary battlemech presence, the Hippos call in a few favors, and bring along a Thunderbolt. Yes, I know the weapons loadout and profile make it look more like an Archer or Warhammer, but it's a Thunderbolt. Take my word for it. The Rangers were none too happy about this choke-point at the river crossing, but nothing came of it, as the defending forces opted for a hardpoint defense at the installation rather than a defense in depth.

After a vicious firefight, in which the defenders were defeated in detail (I did warn him about how cover worked), the elite Ranger forces secure the data core.

While said core would be a bit weighty for the Rangers to lug out themselves, it proved nary a challenge for the Thunderbolt. And so, our brave heroes gallantly (and surreptitiously) accepted payment from both employers for successfully destroying the base and recovering its data core. Wonder what was on the thing that was so important?

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