Saturday, May 5, 2018

Chaos Campaign IV - Green Hippos Coming To Dinner

So, I actually set up and played the first scenario in the Chaos Unbound campaign from the BattleTech sourcebook. It's called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" And you likely guessed it...Green Hippo Rangers. I played with my son, who took the reins of the OpFor, and tried to explain to him how we were going to do this. He's played a fair amount of Space Hulk and Space Crusade for me, so I figured this would be a snap. I was wrong. Though, since we played with The Corps army men from WalMart, it couldn't go too far wrong, right?

The Targeted Airbase Assets.
 The scenario calls for a percentage of my Hippos forces to attack a weapons storage warehouse. I had nothing feasible to use as a warehouse (that I could think of at the time...more later), so I decided an airbase would do the trick nicely. The defenders are supposed to be 75% of my forces, vehicles and infantry only, noo mechs. I gave JuniorFett a handicap and let him have the same amount of forces I did. I figured he could move his guys around and make 'pew pew' noises and I would work out how that would work in the rules myself. He also had the advantage of fortifications, though he neglected to station any of his forces in them.

The (unmanned) base defenses.
So, first things first, the Hippos find the base defenses empty, and move directly into the objective area. The commander is confused, but sometimes fortune favors the bold...right? The engineers set the charges on the aero assets in question, but as the Hippos try to move out, enemies are spotted approaching the base perimeter. It's a Trap! The Hippos man the captured defenses, and prepare for a protracted firefight.

The OpFor. Hey, I said troops and vehicles only right? That looks like a mech to me!
Cleverly placed snipers on the higher elevations keep the majority of the Rangers pinned in the defenses, freeing the mechanized units to smash the fortifications the Hippos were using against them. The commander orders the charges disarmed on the aero assets, and has volunteers sortie them against the base defenders. A risky tactic that proves ultimately successful.

He also didn't tell me he deployed his snipers (a laser infantry section in BT rules parlance) up on this chair.
Once the mechanized forces are elimiinated, all that's left for the Hippos is to clear out the rest of the defenders and the stubborn sniper units. It proved to be a victory for the newly formed command, though a more hard fought and costly one than anticipated.

Here, my machine gun section clears out the last of the defenders which had breached the perimeter after the armored units smashed the fortifications.
It was a ton of fun playing this with my little guy. I used the Corps figures for lack of a better idea at the time. I will likely be adding the Star Wars Command figures as well (I like the idea of Clone or Storm Troopers as light ComStar power armor) in coming sessions, I just didn't know where they were at the time. As always with the little guy, his...non-traditional strategies can be vexing. Though the snipers were a nice touch, his constant attempts at cheating were a little trying. Live and learn.