Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Chaos Campaign V - Objectives Are What You Make Them

Okay, so today's post is a bit of a leap from my plan of the next narrative. My wife found something truly inspired for me at the Dollar Store on Monday, and we simply could not leave without it. Have a look.

Yeah, that's right, a Green Hippo bubble blower! Since I was literally at that moment thinking of what I wanted to do for my next post in this series (because I haven't yet played the next scenario in the Chaos Unbound campaign), it hit me! A support weapon! So now, in character with my pseudo-history-channel narrative, I present:


Fresh from their hard fought victory on the airbase, the Green Hippos had a sternly worded conversation with their employer vis à vis the ambush situation they had encountered, and the heavy losses incurred as a result. With only minor threats of violence, said employers added a hazard pay bonus and added in some choice information regarding the location of some LosTech. The Hippos had only recently found themselves short of Anti -mech and -vehicular firepower, so they could be described as more than interested.

The Militia Engineers were perhaps seized by the muses of their late home world when designing the PARAMUS' armor configuration. Nevertheless, it is a powerful weapon system.

Upon investigating the obtained coordinates, the Hippos' engineers discovered there was, in fact, a significant LosTech weapon system onsite. Included schematics dubbed it the PARAMUS, or Propelled Antivehicular RotAting MUltilaSer. Effectively, a single powerful laser emitter was mounted to an advanced power source. A single barrel was deemed inefficient to handle the heat of the emitter/source setup, so a ring of five lenses was mounted in a carousel array to focus the beams. In the manner of a smaller scale minigun, the PARAMUS could be thought of as a laser macrogun.

In frontal view, the business end of the PARAMUS laser system can be seen. Highlighted in red is the lens carousel which enables  the system to sustain its near continuous rate of fire without melting.

What the system lacked, however, was a completed chassis and armor system. It was a big gun on a drivetrain, without crew accomodation or shell. The engineers set to work, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. The ex-ComStar special forces operatives could only roll their eyes when the final product was unveiled. In a stroke of inspiration, the militia engineers had created a totem, of sorts, in the form of an infantry fighting vehicle. In the words on one engineer "Our Logo is a hippopotamus, why shouldn't our biggest gun be a hippo-PARAMUS?"

It cannot be deemed a failure on design merits, however, as the Llamrei (as the PARAMUS vehicle was dubbed), is heavily armored, mobile enough for its intended support uses, and packs an anti-mech punch the Green Hippos Rangers had previously sorely lacked. Whether it will be truly successful on the battlefield, however, remains to be seen.

That's it for now, folks! As you can tell from the title, I plan on using this as a scenario based objective. Say, it needs to be powered and aimed to take out a mech or structure, so the infantry must protect it until it is able to fire. Or perhaps it will need to be immobilized and need to be recovered from behind enemy lines. If I do end up using it as a unit in it's own right, I will have to come up with what weapon I want it to count as. I was simply thinking of a large heavy laser or some such. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading!

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