Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chaos Campaign VI - Green Hippos In The Wasteland

So, after our defense of the airbase, and our 'off camera' acquisition of the PARAMUS weapon system. the Green Hippo Rangers are ready to accept their next contract. We select the 'Vacationing in the Wasteland' track next, for what appears to be at first glance, a milk run. Guarding mines on the wasteland world of Acamar. Ruins and lava plains as far as the eye can see. The mines, while valuable, don't have the 'cash and carry' appeal of nearby high-tech targets, so threat is expected to be low. Then the warning for inbound pirates came.

The Hippos intercept the pirates at some ruins between their LZ and the mines. Impromptu sandbag revetments and a combination of masonry and mining equipment are deemed sufficient for some jumped up periphery pirates. Here we see the PARAMUS deployed in a decent firing position, as well as the Rangers' sections of rifle infantry, laser infantry, and short range missile infantry. Note the cunningly sourced 'lava wastes.'

Aforementioned periphery pirates. Hey, is that a Sirocco? How did a bunch of jumped up periphery pirates get a late model Marik assault mech? Well, chalk it up to some secret Word Of Blake support, I guess. Need to have another talk with the employer about these 'low threat' deployments. Seems the mech has a bit of an odd weapons configuration. Maybe call this the SRC-3AT model?

Nevertheless, after a hard infantry fight, as well as an intense laser duel, the Sirocco is disabled, and the pirate rifle sections routed.

Another shot, because I felt so clever staging this scene. It's my first time using cotton balls to mark a disabled unit. It went...okay. Comment if you have any tips to make this work better next time.

Anyway, the Hippos triumph again, with two of the three bonus objectives fulfilled.

  1. None of the enemies escaped the defender edge.
  2. An enemy unit was captured for interrogation (the Sirocco pilot lived, and was captured).
  3. Unfortunately, I was unable to prevent the last rifle infantry section from escaping the attacker edge, and missed out on the full completion bonus payout. Can't win them all, I suppose.

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