Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dollar Store 54mm Super Heroes!

Okay, so I was a bit inspired by someone in the Army Men facebook group I belong to, and went to grab me some toy soldier scale painted super heroes. The Dollar Tree I frequent really only had these two I was interested in. While they also had Marvel figures in the same scale, ostensibly, the only fig they had in practice was Spiderman. While this would have stood me in good stead for Spoderman memes, it does me little good for practical purposes in what I want to wargame. Also, most of the DC figures they had were Superman, who I despise. So Batman and Wonderwoman it is!

Batman first, because alphabetical order is sort of a thing I like. The Dark Knight has certainly had his share of movies and fandom, but when I was little, he was a lot less, I don't know...widespread? I mean he was always popular, and the campy TV show was certainly beloved. But now he's just everywhere. Still, a solid hero choice, and a good interesting, action posed figure.

Wonder Woman. Now, the pictures sort of hide this, to an extent, but she tall. If you look at the photos themselves, you will notice that although Bats and WoWo appear the same, her photo is actually cropped taller. I suppose, being as she's an Amazon, this should not be surprising, but when adjusted for pose, she is several millimeters taller than Bats. I always thought of him as a fairly tall fellow too. Anyway, she has terrific paint applications, and ought to be fun to throw into random, for fun type of wargame situations.

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Mike Creek said...

Most superheroes are men or women in tights, with or without a cape, and with or without special headgear. The only real difference is the colors. Superman is Batman without a cowl. The Invisible Girl is Wonder Woman with a repaint. If you buy up a few Batman and Superman, a few Wonder Woman then swap capes and heads you can use repainting to make many other super heroes.