Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Forces Of Middle Earth - Big Box Reveal 4!

Okay, folks, this is the wrap up of the long and tortuous, but also fun and exciting treasure hunt through my garage in search of stuff that actually belongs to me (those of you with spouse, kids, and in-laws will know what I mean). This will also be the shortest installment, as while there was not a good place to fit in the Lord of the Rings stuff, there's not actually that much of it. Also, there seems to be more of it missing than in other segments of my collection. I'll comment upon that as we go.

The Dark Lord and his forces! Sauron, orcses, and Uruk Hai. I believe a lot of these are actually Isengard forces, but whatever. I seem to have misplaced my Saruman. Also, I am certain I had more than one Uruk Hai. On the positive side of that coin, look at how Massive(!) Sauron is! He's four inches tall! He's the size of a GI Joe! While I have them in the 'bad guy' section, two of these are actually Sam and Frodo in their Goblin disguises. I don't use these to re-enact the movie or anything, so into the bad guys they go as just two mare smallish orcs. As an afterthought, it always made me happy they released a Warg Rider in this scale.

Haradrim and Easterlings. I only have two Haradrim, which are the archer in the middle, and the spearman on the far left. A shame, because they were really good figures. Also, I believe I had more than one set of Easterlings. Called Easterlings, of course, due to coming from the East of Middle Earth, my daughter used to insist it was because the bunny ears on their helmets marked them as forces of the Easter Rabbit.

Elves and Rohan. I forget the Exact breakdown here, but I seem to be missing a figure each from these sets. I loved the Rohan set because hey, Karl Urban mini. Also, Eowyn (see my earlier comment re: rarity of female army men). The prologue elves set was exciting because that was one of the best scenes of the trilogy, and also because it includes Elrond and Gil-Galad. Yes, they made a toy soldier of Gil-Galad! He isn't even mentioned by name in the scene which shows him, but I always thought it was a nice Easter egg in the movie for fans who knew where to look, and the fact that I now have a toy soldier of him gives me happy.

The Fellowship of the Ring. Okay, so these were the easiest set to find in this line at the time. So I bought extras. However, why I ended up with like eight Boromirs, two Gandalfs, but only one Legolas, Gimli, and Strider, I do not know. Not to mention a cool dozen Hobbits.

Anyway, that's all for this series folks, until the next time I find a large mysterious box filled with my own stuff! Thanks for stopping by!


Warhorseminiatures.com said...

I never picked up any of these figures. They look nice. I did get some of the smaller ones that where part of a war game. I have a bunch of the Warhammer miniatures, mainly the High Elves. One of these days I will actually have some time to build and paint those, lol.

CounterFett said...

I have quite a few of the Warhammer stuff as well, and likewise never found time to get it done. It always seemed lihe there were other priorities.

electricwave said...

wow,lotr too!! great.. ew