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From Revolution To Modern - Big Box Reveal 2!

With a few oddities thrown in for good measure! Also, after trying (unsuccessfully) to fully catalog the Science Fiction and Fantasy licensed figures (which amounted to a shocking half of the collection!) I realized I will have to split them into 2 parts. Even with that, because certain sci/fantasy franchises are so prominent in my collection, I had to move some of the smaller groups of sci-fi/fantasy/weird stuff into this installment. This means it is now a four part series instead of three. Rejoice! More Content! More Figures! More Work for Me! Wait, that last one isn't good...

Anyway, one with the show. Remember, these pictures can be clicked to enlarge for glorious (or obnoxious, depending on your bandwidth specifications) detail!

These are Barzso figures. I believe they were from the Eastern Woodland Indians set, though I cannot remember specifically. These were put out around 2000. I think I got them with the little surplus I made from buying up everyone's Y2K disaster survival supplies, once that panic turned out to be a big nothing. The reason I bought these is because I love me some warclubs. You don't see them that often in toy soldiers, and these fellows have a couple. Also, flintlocks. When you see Indians in a set with guns, they are, almost invariably, lever actions. These guys have war clubs, tomahawks, and long rifles. Glory be. This is not all the poses, sadly, some of these seem to have got away from me. I think there were 12 figures.

 Accurate American Militian Men (Revolutionary War). This is both sets #1 and #2. I seem to have only lost one of these guys. I must have been planning to wargame with these at some point, though I don't remember what. It's a bit surprising to have found so many of these, since AWI is not a period I'm usually that into. Though frankly, American militia did not change much between the French and Indian war and the War of 1812, so I might have got them for some utility purpose such as that.

Accurate British Infantry. Now I seem to have only got one set of these fellows for some reason. I don't remember which set, though the flag bearer seems to tell me this is set one. I did generally like the poses of the militia better, which is why the number disparity might be there. Also, I seem to recall intending to get A Call To Arms grenadiers to match up with these guys.

Jean Hoefler Napoleonic Cavalry Recasts. This one spooks and terrifies me. I bought a set of 20 of these guys, because there were not a lot of other good ways to get lancers at the time (there are much better, cheaper, and more detailed ways now). I remember them being a little pricey at the time. When I went to look up what they were, they seem to have jumped in price to what I deem unreasonable levels. Sigh. Wish I knew what happened to the other 15 of them.

Recast of Lido WWII US Infantry! Okay backstory time, folks. When I was little, back when rocks were still soft, I dearly loved me some army men. Surprise, right? So, when I turned 6 or 7, when I had my first 'big boy' birthday party, where I got my own friends to come over instead of neighbors and my parents' friends, my mom threw me an Army Men themed birthday party. It was great! So, there was a forest themed cake, with a tank centerpiece, decorated with real plastic army men. It was these charming, chunky, flat, un-based Lido figures, one of each pose. I kept them for years, never finding any others. It was hard to even look, not knowing who made them or when. Years later still, I found some. I bought as many as the store had, since I didn't know when I'd be able to find more. I don't know what company was recasting these at the time, this was in 2008 maybe? My wife, bless her, was understanding. The great news is that now these are being recast by a known entity, BMC, and can be had from online sellers of known quality. These are the good old days for Army Men collecting.

BMC Iwo Jima US Marines. These are simply some of the best WWII figures ever made, in my opinion. They are detailed, clean, durable, come in interesting poses. They just hit a lot of the boxes on an army builders' checklist. I think I am missing a few bits here and there. I still have the flag raising scene (which came packaged separately), somewhere I think. I firmly believe that the BMC flamethrower (seen front right)is the best of its kind.

I also have the BMC Bazooka team. Just never opened them. Sigh.

BMC Iwo Jima Japanese Army. In general, my feelings on these guys are the same as the BMC Marines. Truly this set was when BMC 'arrived' as a purveyor for serious collectors. I loved the San Juan Hill set and all (I'd love to find mine, you'll notice it was not in this box), but these were simply several levels higher in quality. You'll notice my one beef with this set, however. Look at the mortar men in the back. The bases were a separate piece, which was supposed to have little holes to fit the little pegs on the figure's foot and knee. Well, it never worked. It looks like the holes never got really cast/drilled/formed/whatever correctly. You can see where the holes should be, but they still have material. I suppose I could fix that, but it's never been a priority for me. As a result, I've never seen that figure completed.

The Weird Stuff. Some odds and ends and what I think they might be. From top left: Tonka Mad Martigan from Willow the movie, Hospitaller with axe, ogre with axe and catchpole, viking berserker with spear and axe, armored knight with flail. I think the last four are all Papo or Schleich, but I'm not sure. Picking up on the second row, there's a Timpo Swoppit Indian, some random Roman figure, an adorable skeleton horse, A strange skeleton spearman. An even stranger samurai with battle axe. A metal crouching Indian with rifle I got from a gift shop in Oakdale near the Hershey factory, and some weird ancients archer. In the third row, there's another Timpo Swoppits Indian, a trio of New Ray modern infantry that came with die cast military vehicles my son bought. A napoleonic curassier with no horse. An unknown Arab (a la Lawrence of Arabia or Foreign Legion) with no horse/camel. Last, there is what looks like a pikeman with no pike.

A lot of these were add ins on orders, like the roman, arab, pikeman, and Napoleonic guy. ATS in particular use to do that. Some were 'friendly' buys from this cool store we used to have in town called "Toy Knights." You know, you get to chatting with the owner for a while, and buy a few extra things. All the Schliech/Papo stuff on the top row is that. The swoppits were from a phase where I was desperately trying to get Timpo stuff, and could find them as cake decorations in party stores. The Samurai was a weird story where I bought a whole bag of loose toys from Goodwill because it had the weird Samurai and a weird LEGO Samurai to boot. No regrets! The skeletons? No idea. The Tonka Mad Martigan, strangely enough, is one of my own. Bought from a KB toys in Santa Maria when the movie was in theaters. It might be the oldest toy I own.

Minotaur, Minoboar, and weird goblingthings. These were from the Chronicles of Narnia. I miss this period where every adventure movie seemed to have a line of painted miniatures. This is the only one I cared about from the Narnia series, but the Pirates of the Caribbean toys snuck by me unnoticed.

Halo Heroic figures. These bother me, as I bought I think 4 sets, and have only parts of two sets here. All of the running marine figures ended up like that, sadly. They were never attached well to their bases.

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