Sunday, May 13, 2018

My Smartest Purchase In A Long Time

Yes folks, despite workplace and financial issues, I have fulfilled a lifelong dream of obtaining an armored mask. It was marketed as a 'Spartan' visor, but we all know I bought it because it looked Mandalorian. I mean...look at it. Just look!

Now, this has mounting hardware and shock cords to mount on a PJ style helmet, or basically anything with NVG attachments. Neither of my helmets have those. So, I am going to modify something to make it work. I have an old steel helmet (which you can probably find pretty easily by using the 'armor' tag at the bottom of this post), as well as a modern PASGT helmet (which I never posted about). I will most likely modify the former, since well, that's the much cheaper way to do it. Also, since I don't really anticipate wearing this into battle, the level of protection is mostly irrelevant.

Mrs. Fett did mention that she can make a new cover for said steel pot, with attachment points for my mask included. I hate to drop it all on her, but that is a good alternative.

I will post more as the project progresses folks!

Stay Tuned!

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electricwave said...

youre right,it is absolutely mandalorian! ew