Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Attack On Ixoh - Medieval Wargaming With Toy Knights

Welcome to 'Not Part III.' You know the drill, there's no real story or theme here, we just wanted to have some plastic knight mayhem to pass the time. Maybe I should just start numbering these or give them their own series. But historically, the second I do that, it never gets used again. Whatever. This time, Junior Fett and I decided to sort this out like gentlemen (ie with pistols). We set our knights up in formation, protected by mantlets, then to be shot with NERF pistols.

I once again took command of the Mid-Knights, as I have come to call the all black armored force. I thought I had a clear edge in this endeavor, given my previous superiority in weapons handling over the lilliputian foe. It was my idea to use the mantlets as cover. Thought it might add an extra layer of complexity to stymie the lad.

For all my clever machinations, the boy stole a march on me. Do you see what he did? Do you? Assuming that our formations are the same width, does that help? He arranged most of his forces edge on! They are narrower in aspect facing the shots! Clever boy.

I had the weaker of the two NERF shooters. this meant I was able to accurately lob darts over his mantlets, and have the projectiles flop atop his infantry, scattering them in multiple directions. Secondary explosions for the win! Or so I thought.

Whereas Junior Fett, the scoundrel, shot straight at the mantlets. See a shield like that only works if the projectile is less massive than the shield. In effect, the mantlet became a second, lighter, projectile, squishing the knights behind it.

In the end, it was a draw, with both sides having identical remaining fighting force. My superior marksmanship barely held the line against Junior's superior deployment and firing protocols. Interestingly, the way both Junior Fett and I deployed our cavalry made them effectively immortal. By the time the darts reached them, enough force was spent that the horses just slid around without tipping.

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