Sunday, June 24, 2018

Battle Of Tlarc - Medieval Wargaming With Toy Knights

Well, I wouldn't call this a Part II, necessarily, since, as I mentioned, these have no actual story. Unlike my Green Hippos campaign, these are sort of filler games that my son and I play to kill time while we already have terrain set up. The thinking is, since we already went to the trouble of getting all this junk out, we may as well play some more.

And that's how the Battle of Tlarc was joined, dear companions.

As with the previous knight battle, I told Junior Fett we needed only minimal terrain for this engagement. So the above is his side.

The right side of the river is mine.

While Junior Fett spread his forces across his whole map side, I concentrated my troops, and pushed across the South Bridge. His defense, which relied heavily on taking advantage of terrain, was swallowed in numbers and steel.

Unable to make up for the relative superiority of my massed forces with his siege engines, again due to dense terrain placement, his knights were defeated in detail.


Wyl Majure said...

Just discovered your blog and I'm very curious what rules set you use for your war games.

CounterFett said...

I use lots of different things. This particular game was Warstuff, which one page rules took off their site some time ago, but can still be found at :

Most of my wargames with my son are VERY simple games or things I've pared down to bare bones. He simply doesn't have the patience for much else (he has trouble playing chutes and ladders). Field of Honour is another real simple one we use where individual contests are decided by cards. It works well for him, because it's easy to see who won a given fight, with no modifiers, etc.

Bon chance!