Sunday, June 3, 2018

Chaos Campaign 8 - Full Metal Green Hippo!

Running concurrently with the Power Armor Special Forces raid on the Data Core storage, the ex-Planetary Militia component of the Green Hippos took on what was supposed to be a low threat garrison mission protecting a civil defense weather radar array. Low threat until the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation forces hit atmosphere and immediately started fighting for the world. The militia was notified that because the weather array was a non-military installation, they should not be concerned. 

The Defense Force commander, fortunately, knew better and immediately the Green Hippos started hardening the facility's defenses. In the above image, you can see the Weather Radar Arrays on the far right, front and back. The scenario called for a salvage dump, which I had no good way to represent, so I just used these as 'tech defense objectives.' Also, because I figured I called in too many favors with the Thunderbolt deployment in the last episode, I settled for deploying the Paramus in a revetment.

In short order, scanners pick up both a Davion and Laio strike force. Neither side apparently interested in the planetary governor's assurance that the facility had no military purpose, a simultaneous, non-cooperative, three way battle is initiated.

Davion special forces and heavy weapons approach from the Southwest.

While Capellan Hovertanks and light infantry approach from the Northwest.

The FedSuns and Capellans largely neutralize each other, leaving the Hovertank easy prey for the Paramus' large laser array. Once it is disabled, the battle is decided.

Not without cost for the Rangers, however, as there are several wounded amongst the Defense Force, the commander fatally so. The Paramus is heavily damaged in the exchange as well, though the Hippo corps of engineers issues assurances they will have it up and running in time for the Rangers' next deployment.

Just for fun, Junior Fett and I replay the scenario with battle droids and Ironhide as the defense force. The outcome is...substantially different. I was proud of my little guy this time. I was expecting him to just ram his supposedly non-allied forces down my throat before taking a single potshot at themselves, but he played it like a champ, with the FedSuns and Capellans largely eliminating each other before entering the Paramus' firing lane I covertly arranged.

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