Friday, June 8, 2018

Chaos Campaign 9 - Green Hippos Final Curtain?

So, Final Curtain, as the name suggests, is the last mission for the Chaos Unbound campaign in its particular installment in the series. No worries, I have all of the books in the series, and will be progressing through them as planned. There will be, in all likelihood, no real gap even before the next installment. The overall story is that what the Lyran Alliance is invading the Free Worlds League, a combined arms force of several mercenary units employed by the FWL, as well as the celebrated Knights of the Inner Sphere, will assault a Lyran supply outpost on Glausar, hamstringing the invasion force.

I have taken more liberties with the setup for this mission than usual, however. The scenario for Final Curtain is a straightforward planetary assault on Glausar, with a minor set piece open field battle. A bit boring, frankly. Not to mention that since the Paramus is out for repairs, and we called all of our favors for heavy mech support in a few missions ago, it would just be an infantry battle in a grass prairie. But the scenario notes mention an orbital base which controls the planets defenses. Well, since we have power armor special forces as out primary force component, why don't we hit that instead? So we shall! Also, this gives me the chance to bring out my modular 'installation' game board from the old Halo Interactive Game that hasn't been seen on the blog in a while.

The boarding of the defense station began smooth. The Green Hippo operatives made a clean entry, unopposed. In addition to their power armor, they wore their most sophisticated hostile environment and NBC protective gear, as they know the defenders have a multitude of tricks at their disposal, such as venting atmosphere from selected compartments, or introducing poison gas through the atmospheric control system.

Initial contacts with the station's defenders were one sided, with the Rangers' skill, superior gear, and situational superiority more than compensating for their numbers and knowledge of the station's layout. Initial defense response units were destroyed or routed, and the Hippos progressed quickly toward their objective at the center of the station.

Deeper in the station, approaching the control center, however, the attack was slowed as the defenders deployed automated barricades and clouds of hazardous vapors that had to be avoided, rather than traversed.

Resistance was heaviest at the final security checkpoint before the control center. Still, the Rangers prevailed, even against this fierce defense. The control center was seized, automated defenses on the world and in orbit were disabled, and the stations fighter bay doors were battened down, paving the way for the Knights of the Inner Sphere to land unopposed on Glausar.

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