Friday, June 15, 2018

Cheap APCs for Army Men - Part II

Also could be titled, Counterfett gets frustrated with card folding.

Now, there are some things I learned here, and some things I already knew from other paper toy projects I have done in the past that I got to "relearn." First off, very sharp, small bladed scissors. I used good scissors, if a bit too large for the task. It made some of the internal corners very tricksy. Like Hobbits. Second, actually get something like this printed on card paper. Gluing regular printer paper to cardstock will not only make cutting much more difficult, but the end product looks, well, iffy. What happens is that all of the folds exceeding maybe 20 degrees get 'stress tears.' Furthermore, the smaller tabs are functionally useless. They don't hold the thing together on their own, they are very difficult to cut around, and are next to impossible to actually fit in the corresponding slots, at least on this model.

Still, here is the finished Canadian M113. You will notice I ended up having to tape this. Gluing the joints simply did not do the trick. I'll just call this 'applique armor' or something. Somehow I simply didn't notice that the model had no bottom, so that was something of a surprise upon assembly. It does make affixing the internal tabs somewhat more easy.

Here it is with some Lanard soldiers from The Corps WalMart sets. Interestingly, this APC came labeled as 1/35 scale. The Lanard figures are 45mm, which I think corresponds roughly to about 1/40, which should be a smaller scale. If this APC is really 1/35, I feel bad for any infantryman who ever had to ride in an M113. Seriously. Is this print truly 1/35?

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