Monday, June 11, 2018

Cheap APCs for Army Men

On the left, the M113 as it appeared in Canadian service. On the right, a plain old US of A scheme.
Hey all, Counterfett here. As you all know, I wargame a lot with toys in general, and quite a bit with Army men in specific. Now I also seem to have misplaced my giant motor pool of vehicles I have accumulated over my lifetime. So what are my brave plastic lads to ride into combat with villainous otherwordly forces?

Cardboard M113s of course.

Now, step one is to find something simple. I used this one.

Step two is to print them. I think you can handle this part without further help.

Step three is to glue them to cardstock (unless you have the ability to print on cardstock, in which case you can skip straight. What I've used here is a family sized Ritz cracker box. My wife loves her some Ritz crackers, but I suppose any large box of single layer card would work. Your mileage may vary.

I used a thin glue, and smear it around with my finger, because the last thing you want to encounter is bubbles or edges that are not affixed once you cut the shapes out.

That's it for now folks. I'll have more of this posted as soon as work progresses. I wanted to let them dry overnight to make sure they cured correctly before I cut them. Until then, may visions of AFVs dance in your head!

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