Sunday, June 10, 2018

Custom Minifigure - Proof Of Concept

Good morning all, Counterfett here.

as you are all  aware, I enjoy a good meme. Recently, several great memes have come to my attention which use Dark Helmet, of Space Balls fame. It got me to thinking: "Isn't it a shame no one made a toy soldier scale figure of Dark Helmet that I could use as a joke commander in some sci-fi skirmish gaming?"

Then it hit me. I have several Darth Vader figures in the scale. I have LEGO helmets which should come to about the right scale. So I dug through some bins.

Turns out, I don't actually have a Darth Vader LEGO helmet (that I can find, anyway). And I'm loathe to swipe the one Junior Fett just got in his new birthday LEGO set. That's right, I'm not a complete monster. Though I did find the next best thing.

A Sith Trooper helmet from LEGO's The Old Republic set. I wish I had bought more of these, since they make such great conversion fodder. But anyway, since it is functionally an identical sculpt to the LEGO Vader helmet, and much more replaceable, it should serve well.

Since I couldn't be bothered to actually go find any of my Vader army men to test this with (pretty lazy considering they are all accessible, currently), I decided to make a mock up with Batman, who was sitting on my desk since I got him.

Mrs. Fett and I had a good laugh at how perfect it is. Go on. Laugh!


Stu Rat said...

Is he doing the Batusi?

CounterFett said...

The way I have the helmet certainly makes it look that way. I believe without the helmet, he is meant to look like he's throwing a mean left hook.