Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dark Helmet - The More Finalized Mock-Up

So, I went looking for all the 1/32ish scaled Darth Vaders I owned, and was worried about having to make a decision about which one I wanted to turn into my definitive Dark Helmet figure. I was concerned about such weighty issues as which figure I could live with myself converting, which ones I wanted to stay as Vader, which ones cost more, which ones looked better. You know the drill, basic neurotic indecision.

Turns out I shouldn't have worried.

There was only one figure that worked. I couldn't find a Star Wars Command Vader (even though I am pretty sure I had one), so that option is right out the window. I found two Unleashed Vaders, which is where the second problem rears its ugly head. While the LEGO helmet fit easily and roomily on Batmans svelte noggin, it didn't fit on Vader's massive dome. Between the two representative options, one had a articulated head, which was therefore a removable head.

Problem solved. I popped the head off, used a double layer of foam adhesive tape, and plopped the helmet right on. Now, I had forgotten how massive the Unleashed figures were, which sadly means the helmet is less relatively oversize, but I think it's still pretty clear who this is supposed to be, right? Also, the adhesive tape means that Dark Helmet is a little bit of a bobble head, but I can live with that, since it looks good, cost me nothing, and is entirely reversible.

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electricwave said...

cool work,i like it! ew