Sunday, June 17, 2018

Galaxy Laser Team

Okay, so Galaxy Laser Team were some pretty great sci-fi army men when I was growing up. A lot of them seemed influenced by Star Wars, Star Trek, actual astronauts, Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. I never seemed to have that many of them, but the human figs tended to get lumped into the green 'good guy' army men, while the aliens and robots tended to end up with the tan 'bad guys.' I'm not sure why I had so many of these growing up, because I'm fairly sure I never bought a set, but that's sort of the way it was with any army men in the '80s. There were gifts, arcade ticket prizes, party favors, and just stuff you found walking home from school. Let's have a look at what came in the set, and what I can think of to say about each of them. I took pictures of the silver poses, because the black was hard to photograph, but the stuff's all the same anyway.

Growing up, I thought these were kind of a silly take on Darth Vader. Cape, lightsaber, scary face, armor, helmet. As an adult, however, when I see these guys, all I can think of is the police from Futurama.

See what I mean?

Turtle alien and Not2-D2. I usually had the turtle guy as an evil alien helping the insidious forces of tan. The robot could go on either side, usually as a 'base' unit or planner. Basically a "REMF" (look that up yourself if you don't get the reference).

Now, as a kid everyone tacitly understood that these were Wookies. But, with my current projects and interest, I am going to cast them as Ape Planet Auxiliaries to bulk up the ranks of my Space Balls!

Speaking of Space Balls! This pose here is pretty much the reason I got the set. Shame there weren't more of them. Still, between the silver and black, I likely got enough. This pose is also why I include 'Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers' in the first paragraph, because I don't really know what exactly these guysa re a take off of, except that it just had to be something that ended on a "Will ________ escape? See next time when...."

The Star Trek Bridge Bunny. As a kid, I never got this pose. Like, how am I supposed to use this? Is that console walking around with her? She usually ended up as an HQ unit like Not2. Now, it reminds me of Sigourney Weaver's character from Galaxy Quest.

Major Tom. I always felt that this figure was incomplete. Is there something that's supposed to go in his hand? A flagpole maybe? A tall boy? Every time I've come across this figure, there's nothing for him to do.

Captain Harry. Serves under Major Tom. I always assume Tom outranks Harry, because Harry's the one doing all the work while Major Tom appears to be saying 'cheers' to all the alien ladies.

X-16. I've never actually come across this one before. The amazon picture showed these as flat-winged, regular F-16s. So imagine my surprise when I got this out of the package and it required assemble to make it this. Neato. A nice inclusion, if a little odd!

That's it for now folks. You'll likely be seeing more of these as the Rise of Dark Helmet campaign starts getting off the ground. Let me know in the comments if you had these guys as a kid, and what stories you told to make sense of them being involved with your army men. I'm especially keen to hear if you had different names or roles worked out for them than I did.


WQRobb said...

I had these guys too and loved them.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, these clicked with a 'hey! I had those!' in a long forgotten archive of my memory banks...

electricwave said...

cool,nice space army! ew