Monday, June 4, 2018

LEGO 75183 - Darth Vader Trasformation

So for his recent birthday, Junior Fett got an amazon gift card. He was offered the option by Mrs. Fett and I to cash it in if he so chose, but he decided he wanted to get this set (Mrs. Fett has Prime, so getting things off of Amazon is often the most efficient choice). Heavens knows why he wanted this one in particular, but it's not a bad selection, per se.

The set itself is one of those marvels of LEGO design, that's elegantly simple, and somehow incredible evocative. It looks just like the scene from EP.III. Included are, of course, the Emperor and Vader. You also get burned Anakin, and three medical droids, the big cylindrical one, the endo-skeletal one, and the floating black orb. It even has Vader and the Emperor's lightsabers, with the enjoyable detail of the Emperor's hilt being gold. Nice catch!.

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electricwave said...

it is useless to resist........ :) ew