Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mr Bubble

I have no other subtitle or tags that are applicable for this one.

When I was little, I had a vinyl/pvc action figure of Mr. Bubble. You had to use proof of purchases from the bubble bath bottles to mail in to get him, and I did it because I thought it was the funniest thing. I was reminiscing about this the other day, and was a little wistful or sad about not having it anymore, because even as a kid, I thought it was funny and cute they ever made toys of Mr. Bubble.

Then today, at WalMart, while Mrs. Fett was looking for cat food that would hopefully prevent our sick cat ScootyPuff from getting any sicker, I saw it. A Mr. Bubble cat toy. It's even funnier and cuter that they made a cat toy of him. Why did they do this?

I had to have it. I love Mrs. Fett. She's such an understanding soul.


FirBholg said...

Hope your cat is okay, dude!

CounterFett said...

I hope so too, she's a nice old cat, and we've given her the best life we could (she's a rescue), but honestly, she's just very old. I'm trying to get my wife accustomed to the fact that there's likely no coming back for the poor kitteh.

FirBholg said...

I feel you, sounds like you’ve given her a good life - all the best to you and your family (furry and otherwise)