Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Neat Dollar Store Gun Cutter

So I was in the "99only" store with my wife recently, and found this in the seasonal 'beach toy' section they had there. I had seen one before that had a pirate cannon on the deck, and had passed previously. I had just about decided to get that anyway, since I thought it had a lot of promise as a converted toy soldier boat.

But that one was no where to be seen. On the other hand, this one, with what looks like a quick firing 76mm, makes a little more sense as a small patrol craft/cutter.

Seriously, this is going to see some use in either the Green Hippos campaign, or something. Soon. I have to decide if I want to paint it though. I would like to paint it like a Coast Guard vessel, for a little bit of personal loyalty, but on the other hand, I kind of dig its garish yellow/orange/dark grey scheme. We'll see how lazy I can justify being with this.

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