Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pre-Order Critique - OGRE Miniatures 2nd Edition

Ogre miniatures, by Steve Jackson Games, is one of my oldest wargames. I bought the 1st edition book (which was just called OGRE miniatures) at a Waldenbooks in Pleasanton in 1991. I never played it, because, frankly, I never had any of the miniatures (though I did find some at a cool hobby store in So.Cal. in maybe 2008). Though I fell in love with the setting, design philosophy, and game system from then.

As I got a little older, my mom bought an Apple IIe computer that was getting retired from the school she worked at, and a local store which sold old, used, Apple stuff, had a copy of the old OGRE computer game, which I played more than was likely healthy for a teenage boy. Like I said, I go waaaaay back with OGRE.

Long story short, I was most pleased to see a new edition of OGRE miniatures. This time they're doing it right, which to me, means plastics. There's the started set, the Battle Box, all of which come with some plastic weapons of mass amusement.

My favorite thing, however, is that they are releasing glow in the dark OGRE sprues, which I have oh so wittily dubbed "Glogres." You're welcome.

These look great, and I am heartily pleased to see the return of OGRE miniatures. There's not been a lot interesting for me going on in this scale since the last batch of OGRE minis and EPIC went away.

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