Monday, June 25, 2018

Raid On Kuzid - Wargaming with Pirates & Undead

I've had these buckets of pirates and skeletons sitting around for a bit. They were a Toys R Us exclusive, and one of the last things I got there. In all honesty, this set is probably the best of the buckets that could be had there. Primo stuff really. I know I've posted about them before, so on with the wargaming.

Junior Fett was given the option of which side to play, how many formations we would be using, as well as being 'allowed' to set up the terrain. I use the quotes because I work hard to convince him it's awesome he gets to set up the terrain. I just don't actually like doing it. He always goes a little overboard on the terrain, and usually makes things harder on himself. Seriously, look at that mob of pirates, then again at my stately ranks of undead. I had a much easier time here.

A better look at my ageless hosts. We planed a pretty simple little scenario. A pirate flotilla lands on a mysterious island following clues of forbidden treasure. They are opposed by the ancient guardians of said treasure, undead thralls of the great Count Erfett! I know, I get worse and worse at this as I get older. Just play along.

Junior took an early lead in the battle, his pirates' pistols, muskets, and small cannon giving him an edge over my, ahem, skeleton archers. In later phases, however, the undying resilience of my guardians smote the fowl sea dogs, and preserved the sanctity of my treasures. Really, the score was 6 wins to 4. He came out ahead on the first phase, but after I noticed the way he played, I was better able to compensate for his strategy and hammer his vanguard center forces. I usually play my best cards to protect my flanks, but this time, a solid attack in the center proved more useful.

After the proper wargaming was through, we set our plastic warriors back up and started to knock them down with ball shooters. It was good clean fun.

This night he had more luck with the Cactus Shooters than the cards. Though my own prowess with the Lightning Scorpio gave me no shame. A great time was had by all!

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