Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Siege Of Klugaht - Medieval Wargaming With Toy Knights

Which could also be titled, never wargame against my kids in a game that uses chance. Seriously, Junior Fett Trounced me. His older sister, Bunny Fett, has long been known for having the best dice in the Western Hemisphere. I'd say she cheats, except most of the time, back when she was young enough to wargame with me, before she got more interested in 'girly' stuff, she didn't even know what she needed to roll to be successful. She just rolled it. Need 5 sixes on 6d6? No problem. Need a 1 on a d20? No problem. Well, my son apparently can do that with playing cards. There's no overarching story or theme to this battle like with most of my other wargaming, the boy just wanted to play a battle, and I was anxious to get my new knights on the field. I made the name in a random fantasy battle generator just to have something for a title.

I just had him set up the terrain, told him where and how to set up his army, and then how to play his cards for each unit. Sigh. I was using my new Supreme Teutonic Knights (which I am still trying hard not to be disappointed in, heh heh), and he was using the Toy Major 'True Legends' fantasy figures from Toys R Us. I kept the game intentionally simple, with only two rounds of combat, removing a single figure to keep score rather than using points.

The companies of footmen on the left flank and vanguard fared poorly in the first exchange, both losing in their respective melees. The heavy knights on my right flank however, prevailed in neat fashion.

Things grew more dire for the knights in the second exchange of arms. Both the left flank and van were defeated a second time this day, and routed. The knights were victorious on the right flank once more, but facing a possible encirclement, wheeled north and were forced to withdraw.

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