Saturday, June 2, 2018

Supreme Recast Teutonic Knights

Heard it throught the grape-vine that this set was recasts of Italeri Teutonic Knights. Did a little research on my own, and yes, they sure do appear to be, though a bit on the large side.

Okay, so I will admit to this being one of the very few things I have ever ordered off of Amazon that I have been disappointed in. The picture on the sale (on Amazon and every other seller I've found that has it), shows these as painted. Maybe not well painted, but like pre-painted Supreme army men painted. Painted surcoats, shields, and faces. That sort of thing. Ordered these a few days ago, they arrived yesterday evening, and, well, only two guys have any paint, and it's pretty awful.

That aside, the figures themselves are pretty terrific. They're a bit on the large side for say, 60mm, but I knew to expect that. I can always explain it away as them being, well, big fellas. They are molded from a softer PVC, so there is a bit of bendy-ness, but again, that was somewhat to be expected, having dealt with this maker and material before. The lances are separate pieces, one was straight and the other bent, easily solved by giving the bent one to the foot spearman (since he uses two hands, it fixes itself). The bases for the horses being bent, however, are a harder issue, as the one black horse, in particular, had a hard time standing with any of the riders.

Still, as I said, the sculpting on the figures is quite excellent. Makes me wonder how good an original of the Italeri sculpt must have been. Still as silly as it is, I must confess to being a bit disappointed they didn't arrive as shown.


terry bennett said...

these sell at Hobby Lobby for around $10.00 with their in store 40% off coupon around $6.00 they are a tad larger than 60 mm poorly painted, detail is not bad and good for cannon fodder troops hitting the boiling oil.

CounterFett said...

Ooh, good to know. I really have to hit up a Hobby Lobby soon. Didn't know they had toy soldiers! I think I would have been a lot less disappointed if I have bought these in person, because I would have had...I don't know, I more realistic expectation of what I was getting?

kenneth van pelt said...

I have ordered these and I don't think you got a true run of the product. I would send them back. I have never seen that little paint on these. They always have at least three to four colors per figures.