Saturday, June 30, 2018

Thrift Store Haul Part III - Big Bag Of Swag

Now, I was planning to do this post after I had opened, cleaned, and photographed the contents of this, but due to a busy week at work and being ill at night at home, I plum forgot to actually get those steps done. So expect part IV shortly, dear viewers!

Still. When we went to the thrift store, I was sincerely hoping to find a plastic bag filled with random toy soldiers. My local goodwill used to call them 'junk bags' (back when that Goodwill didn't suck, that is). I was thrilled to find a pegged bag of what looks like almost a complete set of BMC Iwo Jima marines and Japanese infantry, along with some other interesting odds and ends. For 79 cents!

The reason I am having them cleaned is because, as might be evident in the photograph, someone has apparently tried to make an Iwo Jima diorama, and many of the BMC troops have what appears to be millet glued to their bases. As I kept forgetting to dump them in simple green to get the gunk off, Mrs Fett did it, while not heeding my comment about not putting in the factory painted figures (like the leopard) or the figures with stickers (like the Japanese flag bearer). So the decals may well be KIA.

Still, there is something in this bag I am VERY excited about, as I mentioned never seeing it before in the Big Box reveal posts some time back! Stay tuned for the cataloging!

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