Monday, July 16, 2018

Aaaand I'm back!

Hey all, I was out of town for a bit, and wasn't able to really schedule much to appear here while I was gone. Now, I don't have much time, honestly until I have to start getting ready to go back to work tomorrow, so anticipate a bit of a slow posting week until I am off for next weekend.

As an apology, have a pic of my cat reclining on my cushions elegantly, and with disdain for the photographer. Sadly, this was the last time she hung out in here with me. She got sicker, and really doesn't get around much anymore. So she really doesn't come in this room and hang out with me anymore. Still she has taken a turn for the better, the past few days, so fingers crossed!

1 comment:

electricwave said...

cats will conquer the world... ew