Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Chaos Campaign 11 - Green Hippo Brew-Ha-Ha

Well, after some much needed R&R, the Green Hippos are back on the job market, this time thankfully not for the Capellans, as the Free Worlds League picks up their contract for defense of a Peat Farm near Lowellstowne on Tophelet, which has come under threat from rogue mercenary raids in the area. Immediately I have to call BS on this one. First, how do I drop terrain for a peat farm? So, I just settle for the green cloth for the ground, and we use some trees. The objective, since I don't have a farmhouse or some such, is just a red circle on the ground that the enemies have to be held away from. At least we have local assistance. In the above picture, you see the objective marker. The green figures and the PARAMUS represent the deployed Green Hippos, while the tan figures are local forces.

From a more realistic military standpoint, since Peat land burns from stray matches, an enemy military force with laser weapons can probably smoke the place from the next zip code. So, I reasoned my defensive line was an advance position that the Green Hippo engineers had plotted to intercept the detected rogue mercenary forces. The red figures and hovertank represent said mercs, an outfit called Reed's Brew, who did not disappoint, and contact was made at the intercept point.

The PARAMUS quickly disabled the hovertank (yay!), thought the infantry proved more stalwart...

Disabling the PARAMUS in turn with their SRMs (boo!). Still, the Hippos emerge triumpant, and with casualties light (split with the militia, wink wink), they set out to douse the fires on the battlefield before the peat catches. We find out after the action that the employer was the Free Worlds intelligence service, and that other outfits on Tophelet were less successful in preventing the raids. Seems the 'rogue' mercenaries got away with a lot of foodstuffs and other supplies. How very mysterious.

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