Sunday, July 8, 2018

Chaos Campaign 12 - Brute Force Green Hippos

While the PARAMUS was in the shop from the drubbing it took in the heroic defense of a clump of sphagnum moss, our brave heroes drew a new contract, and assault on Site 2B, a mining asteroid in the Cassini Belt of Caselton, Federated Suns. The site is guarded by the Second Davion Guards Regimental Combat Team. Which means on thing...the Hippos are in the big leagues again! No more swamp garrison duty for us! However, the tough nature of the assignment, not to mention the absence of the Hippos' biggest stick, leads the unit to call in a few favors and arrange for some armored support!

Junior Fett took the reins of the 2nd Davion, and spread his defenses across the entire width of the play zone. As a good father, I didn't bother warning him, but instead deployed my forces condensed on his left flank to demonstrate the concept of local numerical superiority. Hey, don't look at me like that, he used up all his warnings on the game he placed his defensive bunkers facing the wrong way. Since this mission was supposed to be harder, the scenario called for the defenders to have 100% equivalence to my forces, in addition to the fortifications. I took a Short Range Missile section, a Machine Gun section, and a Rifle squad to screen for my tank.

To the Hippos' surprise, the Davions moved their hovertank out alone from the defenses to meet the attacking force. It was destroyed by concentrated Autocannon and SRM fire.

Still, it was able to knock out my lighter tracked tank. Guess now we owe one to those merc buddies of ours we keep borrowing armor from, huh? The rifle squad took some losses as well, though they bought enough time for the machine gun section to sweep the Davion guard from their defenses. A tough fight, but the Hippos still come out on top.

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