Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Chaos Campaign 13 - Green Hippos Hold The Mayo

Okay, right off the bat, I'll let you know that I changed the title. Usually the formula for these is (Chaos Campaign # - Green Hippos-Scenario Title). Or maybe (Chaos Campaign # - Scenario Title-Green Hippos). But since the scenario title in this case is Binge, Purge, Flush, I simply refuse to compose a title that evokes any kind of Hippopotamus excretion. I just won't. However, since the mission is a surgical strike to neutralize one Precentor Timothy Mayo, commander of the 3rd Word of Blake Militia on Kalidasa, I figured Hold the Mayo was sufficiently tongue in cheek.

Junior Fett chose the terrain for Lush Kalidasa. He just loves using that river and bridge to chokepoint me, doesn't he? Still, since my forces consisted of the remaining Power Armor special forces, I figured I could low-ball him, and teach him a little something about troop quality at the same time.

His initial deployment. In addition to Precentor Mayo (second from left), I have secondary targets consisting of his primary adjutants. That's the guy fourth from the left, and the guy with the short range missile launcher behind the brown pillar. Don't see the guy behind the brown pillar, you say? Yeah, that worked to my advantage a little later. Sadly, my camera battery died after only taking pictures of the initial deployments.

My small, elite, power armored ComStar boys were all over this. We approached from the Southwest, and used the bridge to block line of sight. We engaged from under cover of the bridge, using our superior gunnery to pin the WoB militia and whittle down their numbers. The SRM trooper had to mave a good distance under fire before he was even able to engage.

The Green Hippos emerged triumphant, with only one wounded (ironically hit by an SRM once the launcher was clear of the pillar). A good day. Hopefully we net enough from this flawless victory to pay our buddies back for losing their tank.

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