Friday, July 27, 2018

Chaos Campaign 14 - Green Hippos , Grim Death

After closing the last two lucrative contracts in a more than satisfactory manner, the Green Hippo Rangers are looking forward to a bit of R&R, as well as a chance to use their contract bonuses to strengthen their force, rather than just rebuild for a change. That's right, vehicle and Mech support! That said, a very lucrative contract arrives to crack the Grim Determination, a mercenary command working on Sheraton. Shattering mercs is nothing new for the Hippos, but the pay and salvage on this one are something special, so the Hippos cut leave short, and head for Sheraton. It will be a good place to test and see if the integration of armored assets into the previously infantry based unit will be beneficial.

The Grim Determination set up a defensive position on the far side of a stream, and are well dug in, supported by a Saracen Hovertank and tracked self properrled gun. JuniorFett tries his usual terrain shenanigans, expecting the swift watercourse to be an obstacle, not knowing that the Rangers themselves are embarked in a heavy tracked APC, which can ford the stream, and the PhoenixHawk BattleMech, which is even less obstructed.

The mercenary self propelled gun advances to meet the PhoenixHawk, hitting it hard and destroying its left arm. The great thing about using HeroMasher figures in BattleTech is that you can actually reflect mech damage on the figure. Very handy.

The mercenary commander, too late, realizes the threat of the heavy APC, concentrating fire and disabling it, though it has already dropped its cargo. A rifle platoon and a machine gun platoon. I love heavy APCs. The Rangers are now free to crush the Grim Determination from inside their own defensive line.

JuniorFett had asked me what the attachment on the left of the turret was, and I told him it was a smoke projector. This is his interpretation of laying smoke to protect his last armored asset.

After the smoke clears, and the Hippos have scraped the battlefield clear of every last useful piece of salvage, they discover that their employer was actually Garin Latronis, the planetary governor, as well as a Word of Blake plant. Did we just conquer a world for the bad guys? That's probably not a good thing.

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