Monday, July 30, 2018

Chaos Campaign 15 - Green Hippos Storming The Balance

While in between gigs, the captain of the dropship ferrying our gallant heroes reports an emergency distress call from the nearby Lyran Alliance world of Enzsefled. A family of local nobility is fleeing from an armed insurrection movement, and offering top dollar to any force able to save the bottom of their pants. Top dollar sounds good, because while the Green Hippos aren't necessarily in it for the money, they're not averse to successful finances. Dropships, new hires, armor support and weapons aren't cheap, you know.

 After some initial hiccups, JuniorFett sets up the coastal terrain called for in the scenario, as well as some forest-ey obstacles in order for me not having too clear a shot to the exit. The scenario called for two transports, but since I only had one thing that looked like a transport (my Transformers Animated BlitzWing turned APC), I decided one transport, but counting it as part of my forces would even things out. Since his forces are 75% of mine for purposes of the scenario, counting the APC as mine gives him extra units. I figured that made up for not being saddled with two targets. In addition to the tracked APC, I had a rifle team, a short ranged missile team, and a light tank.

For the local opposition, JuniorFett fields his own light tank, accompanied by two under strength rifle sections with heavy armor. One with MG, and the other with SRM support. This complies with the 75% value of my forces he's limited to. I feel like his forces were a little light for really having a chance to stop me, but this is the first scenario of book three, so maybe they made it a little forgiving for the mercs.

While his tank was able to significantly damage my own vehicles, my SRM teams were able to knock it out, while my rifle team, assisted by the APCs machine gun turret, were able to limit the effectiveness of his smaller rifle teams.

The first transport is away! With the nobles rescued, the Hippos regroup with their dropship, and burn for the nearest jump point out of the system. It's a good payday, and hopefully tips the karmic balance sheet back to the middle for accidentally helping the Word of Blake last time.

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