Thursday, July 26, 2018

Desperately Seeking Grimlock

Okay, so my recent fortuitous encounter with 'Bargain' Grimlock got me to thinking. Where the heck is my Transformers Animated Voyager Grimlock. I know I didn't sell it or get rid of it. It was sitting on my shelf for a darn long time.

Where could it be?

I mean, I don't really need it urgently. I have the Bargain version, which I plan to use in my upcoming games as a battlemech. A second Grimlock is just absurd. But it bothers me. I really want to find it. To prove I'm not crazy, here's the proof from my other site that I used to run. It's still there, strangely enough.

Of course, this means I am finding every other version of Grimlock I have ever owned, except for the one I am looking for. Figures, right?

Grimlock come home.

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