Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dollar Store 54mm Super Heroes - Spidermen!

Now, I don't particularly like Spiderman. So why, you ask, did I buy two identical figures?

I posted a few weeks back about the Batman and Wonder Woman that I had picked up at the Dollar Tree, and bemoaned the fact that they were the only two heroes I wanted, and that the only other hero that Dollar Tree had was like a hundred Spider Man figures.

A reader commented that most Super Heroes are pretty much just people in tights, and that some light converting could make any hero imaginable. Well, that's true, but it got me to thinking. What hero would I want? It turns out, there is one hero I've always wanted a toy of. One of Earth's greatest champions. And golly, if Spiderman wouldn't be a good starting point for said hero.

If only I wasn't so lazy and untalented.

Wait. There's someone in my family who is simultaneously more talented and less lazy than me! I've featured her stuff all the time in the 'Cool Stuff My Wife Made' feature. Yes, I speak of the one, the only, the talented, the not lazy, the beautiful and nice smelling Mrs. Fett.

I floated the idea with her, and not only did she say it would be easy, but that she would even stream it on her 'creative' episodes on Twitch. This is pretty cool. My long adored hero will soon be incarnate!

So, to answer the question at top...I got one for converting, and one in case I mess up the first one.

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