Friday, July 6, 2018

Dollar Store Miniature Super Hero Work In Progress

Well, in the last post, we established I don't really like Spiderman. Also that while I'm lazy, and untalented, my wife is both motivated and talented. The gist of it boils down to: with Mrs Fett's help, we're going to make a better, worthier super hero out of the pieces of Spiderman.

First, I wanted to change his hand. He is making a 'hang loose' sign with his hand, rather than a full out 'web-sling' pose for some reason, but this works to my advantage. By simply snipping his pinkie off, his gesture turns into a pointed finger, one of my hero's trademark poses. Interestingly, Spiderman seems to be cast from red plastic, as the cut didn't even make a visible blemish. I used my pincer style fingernail clippers for this, and it proved just the ticket.

After that, it was time to hit the painting table. Our hero has a blue and silver/shiny gray primary scheme. The blue went on perfect, aided by the fact that most of the areas painted were on Spidey's lower body, which was blue to start with. The trouble was the gray. More specifically, we think it was just old paint that had gone too clumpy.

Mrs. Fett endeavored to remedy this by hand mixing assorted other shades to make a better shiny gray, in which she was, by and large, successful.

Getting closer, just a little bit further to go!

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