Monday, July 9, 2018

Dollar Store Pepsiman Conversion To Done!

Okay, so this was supposed to be another work in progress post, but the good Mrs. Fett up and finished the painting today, so why not just post the finished product? I give you...Pepsiman!

Here he is in his final work in progress phase, as Mrs. Fett paints his logo.

And here's why I cut off his pinkie. It was so I could pose him for this shot, which I then edited into this...

You're welcome. Now that I have this in my hot little hands, expect to see him make the odd, random appearance in my wargaming features.

You're welcome.

1 comment:

FirBholg said...

Oh gods... I’d never even heard of PepsiMan until watching a speed run of the video game (seriously...what?!) on Summer GamesDoneQuick last month... the very idea that he could be gracing a wargames table, I’m not sure what to think!

Great job both of you! :D