Thursday, July 19, 2018

Escopion Imperio III - Brainstorming the Tables

So, I went to the trouble of tracking down the random unit assignment tables for the Escorpion Imperio, just to see what kind of things I should be making/acquiring/kitbashing to fill up my hypothetical Omega Galaxy force for future wargaming.

I was tickled to see the Charger in the Assault mech choices, since, well, I just bought Grimlock to be the Charger. I was happy to see the Mithras in vehicles, since Skullgrin in tank mode makes a fantastic Mithras! But, what is this? Look at the highlighted option in the 'Infantry' column. If you roll snake eyes, on a pair of d6, you get a 'Horse-Mounted Infantry Platoon!' Actual horse cavalry. In BattleTech. Presumably, this represents the local Umayyad and Castillian troops. Which would certainly be in my Garrison formations! I said that I wanted to play this faction because I enjoy the 'weird' stuff in BattleTech, but this is new heights.

So, does anyone know of a good source of modern or sci fi army men mounted on horses?

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