Friday, July 13, 2018

Escorpion Imperio Part II - What I Want To Play

So, for those of you not familiar enough with the BattleTech universe, the Goliath Scorpions are a clan. Sort of a latecomer to the BattleTech faction roster, they merged with Nueva Castille, a periphery nation that I always thought was great. This is an oversimplification, of course, but they combined my two favorite BT factions, and I squealed like a sugar high three year old girl when I found out.

But what do I actually want to play with them? The Chaos Campaign was sort of...self determined. There are tracks, and what you play next is laid out ahead of time, etc. I suppose I can just play back through the campaign and take a different track through? Maybe change place names and objectives? This bears more thought, but seems promising. That's one point figured out (or close enough for government work, anyway).

What kind of Imperio outfit do I fancy? Well, I have always been drawn to the weird clan stuff. Like, since the clans are all cutting edge ultra modern omnimechs, vehicles and conventional infantry only appear in reserve, garrison or Solahma* formations. Since I plan to play this with Army men and vehicle mode transformers, this is no problem. Some early reading shows that the Imperio even has a garrison formation specifically set up for this sort of thing: Omega Galaxy. That's two points figured out.

*Solahma is what Clanners call their old folks. Basically just middle age by our perspective, but to a Clanner, they're one step from being cast adrift on an iceberg. The reserve-ist of the reserve troops. Cannon fodder.

Now here's the tricky part. What do I want to use for my garrison troops. They should look relatively modern (they'e only old fashioned in the future, lol). I want grey or black, since that's the Imperio's color scheme. I want economical, since I am a cheapskate. So here's what I came up with.

Option 1: Armies in Plastic US Peacekeepers

They are high quality, they look like serious buttkickers, they come reasonably priced. I like AiP a lot, though I've technically never had any of their stuff. Only downside is that a whole pack is less than a single point of clan infantry (25 troops).

Option 2: Timmee Classic Army Men

You know them, you love them, they come in black now. These are more economical per figure, they are a known quantity (I've worked with them before), and I can field more than a point from a single bag. They even come with a similarly equipped opfor (the clans mostly all use the same types of gear).

I had to edit this post. I originally asked for people to vote in a poll I was planning to put at the top, you know, like I've done a million times in the past? But I can't do that anymore. So...leave a comment, will ya?

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