Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Family Dollar 'Bargain' Grimlock

Okay, so not a legion, not a voyager, not a leader class. The peg label at the Family Dollar (the same one where my daughter got the Barbie clothes seen yesterday) describes this as a 'Bargain Channel' class Grimlock. That tickled me to the point where I HAD to buy it.

At the time of purchase, I thought this was just a figure of his Robot mode, though I was incorrect and it does have a transformation of a sorts. It does require some parts removal and reattachment in general to transform, which means to me it's not a real Transformer. But still, I wanted it for his Robot mode anyway, which is a good thing, because his Dino mode is a bit wonky, and has difficulty standing.

That said, as much as I love Grimlock, I have several versions of Grimlock. I got this one because I want to use him in either the Hippo campaign, or the still gestating Escorpion Imperio campaign. There's an assault class mech called the Charger that I have always been a big fan of, and old Grim is a pretty good candidate to represent it.

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