Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mars Counterattacks! Spaceballs Vs. The Solar System Part II

Martian resistance, once thought neutralized, flares up again! This just goes to show that the Spaceballs have never been particularly adept at conquering (or administrating) worlds. The most powerful Martian military force remaining, COSMOS (COmmuniSt Military fOrces marS), have resurfaced under the new leadership of the charismatic and dynamic Podpolkovnik Ivan Kartar.

After a short buildup, Kartar leads a mixed tank and infantry unit against a minor garrison in the Oxia Palus Quadrangle. He hopes that numerical superiority and surprise will compensate for the invaders' superior weaponry.

To a large extent, he is correct. While the Martian chemical combustion propellant rifles are no match for the Spaceball laser blasters, and prove irritating, rather than disabling to the armored Spaceball Marines and Ape Planet Auxiliaries, the Martian tanks prove more of a concern. The garrison radios the fleet for backup.

Which arrives quickly, in the august personage of Dark Helmet himself, with his new friend.

They make short work of the foe. COSMOS forces are sent reeling in defeat, their armor destroyed, and what infantry escape the hungry Carnotaurus return to hiding.

That's it for this installment ladies and gentlemen! This is proving to be pretty fun to set up, photo, and write. Hope it proves to be worthwhile for the rest of you! I used the more Pink Jaru infantry that my son had, because I thought it would be funny if the "Red Planet's" defenders were some sort of space commies. Though because of using the red blanket for the martian surface, the color is hardly noticeable. Oh well.

Until next time!

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